This year, I’ve set the intent and goal to stay inspired.

I’ve realized that on the days where I’ve felt down or needed a little boost, it’s usually because something in my life was missing – and that something – or rather somethings – have been positivity, encouragement and motivation from myself or from the people around me. Negativity often breeds negativity, and as they say, misery loves company, so you have to make up your mind to choose another track every day and every moment of your life. 

Over the past month and a half, I’ve shared this goal with my closest friends and with people who BeInspireddesire to have the same daily motivation as I do, even if they hadn’t explicitly expressed it. I’ve asked them to make this inspiration commitment with me. I’ve intentionally sought out the people and relationships that will help keep me going.

Since then, we’ve been intentional about sharing doses of inspiration with each other throughout the day. Whether it’s a quote, an awesome video or blog post, a passage from a book, or a quick “How ya doin’?”, we keep the inspiration flowing. We have helped each other stay accountable to our goals and listen for places where we may be falling short, not to criticize, but to make sure we help each other stay on track.

This commitment to myself and to my circle has made quite the difference in my days. As cheesy as it sounds, I wake up committed to absorbing the love so I can spread it, to learning something new for myself and for others, and to sharing what I know so others can use it to improve their days and their lives.

Today, I encourage you to take a chance and do the same. Make a commitment to yourself to stay inspired and to inspire those around you. Most of the time, you’re finding so much goodness that it’s hard to keep it to yourself. Don’t fight it. Enjoy it and watch how others will enjoy it too.

A disclaimer… This commitment may require you to do the tough work of diminishing your attention to or eliminating the things (or people) that don’t bring positive energy to your life. I’ve had to make some hard decisions over the past few months on the who’s, what’s and where’s I spend my time, but it has truly made all the difference. This process is certainly not over; it’s a constant cycle and evolution, but I’m serious about how I want to feel, and I’ve appreciated the results of the intentional sorting that has moved me in a more positive direction. 

To help you get started on your commitment, here are a few resources from my friends (either in my real life or in my head) that I look to for daily inspiration. Check them out and let me know what you think. Most importantly, if you’re inspired by one of them today, make sure you share it and inspire someone else.