This shouldn’t be my first blog post in a few years, but it is. I think I’ve waited long enough to get started, and after weeks of inspiration and encouragement from friends – both in my heart and in my head – it’s time to go and just pull the trigger. I have so much to share; things I’ve experienced, learned and lived. People I’ve met, places I’ve been and stories that have inspired me to think differently about myself and the world. I often say this stuff is too good for me to keep it to myself, so now, here, it has a home.

We’ll start with the Power of Broke….

12621986_10103262134597938_1780346736472796582_oTonight I attended a short talk with Daymond John of FUBU fame about his latest book. In it, John encourages people to think and act like they have no money when starting a businesses and executing an idea. The philosophy is not necessarily about having money in the bank, it’s about garnering the motivation to just get ish done, because that type of desperation breeds the type of innovation and creativity needed to go your hardest at achieving your dreams and accomplishing your goals – no matter what.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I certainly agree with John as there have been many times where I’ve reminded myself that I have no other choice but to make it work (h/t Tim Gunn). The people featured in John’s book used this as the foundation for their success and are encouraging others to do the same.

As John says, we are living in an era where connecting with the world is possible with your fingertips – it’s recognizing the opportunity around you paired with consistent execution that’s makes it difficult to realize our deepest aspirations and most heartfelt dreams. I’ll be sharing more of these stories, insights and inspiration from others on this blog, along with snippets of my work and the things I think will be helpful to you. All this will happen as I work to maintain my Power of Broke mentality, and hopefully encourage you to maintain yours too.

If you’re interested in catching up on all the other things I should have shared here, but haven’t, visit me on Twitter or on Instagram. I think there’s some good stuff there and hope you’ll find it helpful too.

Until the next time. Keep pushin.