nbcblk_28_heads_grid_394f7020595ece39a7d84f24cbfd307c.nbcnews-ux-600-480I had the privilege of being a part of the inaugural NBCBLK28 team, highlighting young, black leaders

across industries doing bawse things. I was lucky enough to interview Alex Peay, 28, the founder of Rising Sons, an organization that empowers young, black men to give back and empower their communities. Alex is awesome, and you should know about him and the other 27 under 28 he’s featured with. Check out his full piece below and the other NBCBLK28 here.

Alex Peay, 28, Philadelphia

Founder & President, Rising Sons

“I first understood what it meant to be Black in America when the cops told me I fit the description,” said Alex Peay,
founder of Rising Sons, a Philly organization that works to improve dropout rates, decrease poverty and reduce crime.
By age 28, Peay had been arrested twice for situations that he describes as “false,” leading Peay to understand first-hand why young Black men need extra support. Since then, the activist has worked to increase opportunities for guys to have a positive impact on the community and to help build better relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Peay created Rising Sons when he was just 19, establishing himself as a strong community leader and a reasonable thinker when it comes to issues of police brutality. “Not all cops are bad and not all Black people are robbing people,” Peay said. “We have to show more of that, but with everything going on around the country it is tough.”

Peay added that his focus is on creating sustainable community programming that teaches financial empowerment and self-sufficiency. “We have to think about ways we are reducing the issues that are affecting us,” Peay said. “I’m not relying on the system to change anything. If it doesn’t want to work for me, that’s fine. I’ll have to do it myself and teach others ways they can do it along with me.”

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